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9 Responses to Наши партнёры

  1. Dan Johnson says:

    Wishing all of our Christian media partners in Russia a Merry Christmas. May you serve the Lord Jesus effectively as you broadcast Biblical truth and the Gospel message over your channels. Have a wonderful 2015 and may God bless you as you serve HIM! Daniel Johnson, Christian Radio for Russia/NLR-Moscow

    • drew says:

      I think it’s funny that a site frequented by people who view Russia as evil for suppressing a free press would omit the comments of those who don’t conform to their concept of what is. Here’s what I said last night which apparently were flagged for removal, and swiftly removed by the site or a post-er:

      You have no interest in understanding the many facets of what you seem so bent on preaching about. Socialists don’t look up to Obama domestically. Maybe internationally, but international relations, should in fact be socially oriented, being as that….it’s social to interact with other SOCIeties. Whatever, i’m probably falling on deaf ears here, but seriously, if you want to discuss other people who aren’t in your little bubble of a world, you should seriously do some reading about those people. Putin’s Russia is based around religion, being as that his staunchest supporters are, in fact, the RUSSIAN ORTHODOX CHURCH, which is why he and his government have made it a point to appease them above ALL else. Your interpretation of Jesus (Isa) of Nazareth isn’t the end all. You were not alive two millennia ago, you did not witness what happened, who did what, who said what etc etc. Christs intentions, in my opinion, were to instill the idea that we are all capable of doing the right thing. Every living being on the planet knows right from wrong, and we as human beings, with the capacity to do more than just eat, poop, sleep, rinse, repeat, need to work hard to make sure we don’t lose sight of what’s right and what’s wrong. Judeo Christian heritage is fraught with hypocrisy and violent snake oil salesmen, even to this day, equal in scope to the evil hypocrites who promote hate and ignorance to certain followers of Islam. You obviously have no concept of evil being perpetrated under the guise of holiness if you think every aspect of Christianity should be practiced without questioning the morality or consequences, just because it’s ‘heritage’. I am not a college graduate. I am in no way a ‘socialist’ in your crude and inaccurate interpretation of what ‘socialist’ means. Christian principles weren’t intended to be exclusive to the club called Christianity. Christian missionaries choose to interpret the encouragement of ‘spreading good will toward man’ to mean going to every corner of the world that is culturally unique and then imposing ‘Christian principles and morality’ upon them. Morality isn’t relative. Principles vary, even amongst those who adhere to your religion. I would argue that these Christian principles and morality that you hold so dear are in most ways held by most people throughout the world. The ten commandments, although not necessarily recognized as ‘the 10 commandments’ are pretty universally recognized Moral Principles in places that have little if not ZERO knowledge of moses or Judaism. Your ignorance brings shame to those who consider themselves intelligent thoughtful moral people who view Jesus as the bringer of much needed wisdom to mankind. I doubt you are aware of this, but Jesus is a very well recognized figure and prophet in ALL denominations of Islam. You can bash anybody who doesn’t join your particular club and sling mud all you want. That doesn’t change the fact that you, and your little club (whichever one it might be) are peons in this great universe. You are not extraordinarily special original or relevant. What you are preaching is the same garbage that’s been spewed to the undereducated and simpletons to instill a sense of superiority over the «anyone» in this gigantic world for whom you and your constituency see as irrelevant and minor. Open a book, or he**ck, go to Wikipedia and start learning something about things you have no awareness of. You’ll find pretty quickly (if you even do this) that your ideals are pretty effing common ideals shared by a large majority of the people of the world now and throughout history. Just because it doesn’t conform to the few figures in the only cultures you have any awareness of, as slight as that may be, doesn’t mean it didn’t exist until your little club started cashing in on the tax free ‘Christian american’ market. Seriously, I wish you could see beyond your version of ‘American Christian interpretation’ of what’s right and wrong, what is and isn’t. If you did, you’d have a much better life, and those around you would inherently view the world around them in a more productive light, live and contribute to the betterment of mankind, and those around them would inherit a better sense of collective goodness, and then maybe, someday, America might come closer to meeting your expectations of being the ‘greatest country in the world’, and in theory make the world, the greatest world in the….and so on and so forth.

      Being able to entertain an idea without accepting it is the mark of an educated human. I think Archimedes said that. He didn’t say ‘Going to college is the mark of an educated man.’ Maybe you don’t recognize pre Christian philosophers as being relevant, and that wouldn’t surprise me, given your limited scope of what is and what isn’t. Please, I urge you: surprise me.

  2. Sglavred says:

    странно… у вас в эфире канала «Улыбка ребенка» большинство программ Ассоциации «Еммануил», на ТБН ряд программ, ведущие «Дома живых историй» —  в лицах канала, а «Еммануила» даже нет в партнерах… Не отбираете чужую славу и партнеров? 

  3. Виктор says:

    Здравствуйте! Вы можете добавить свой сайт в каталог проекта http://www.christcat.wen.ru

  4. Дамир says:

    Хотел бы подробно узнать,что нужно сделать,чтоб стать вашим партнером?

    Администрация «ТБН-Россия»: Вся информация доступна на странице «Партнёрам» (http://tbn-tv.ru/forpartners/)

  5. Приветствую вас, наш любимый телеканал ТБН. В Норильске мы смотрим вас по кабельному ТВ. Мечтаем об «Улыбке ребенка». Вы совершаете героические дела. Спасибо вам огромное. Мы в 2007 году запустили круглосуточное эфирное вещание на FM 103 МГц в Норильске и в 2009 году на FM 100.5 МГЦ в Дудинке. Мы знаем что это стоит, насколько неизмеримо больше затрат на ТВ! У нас очень дорогой и низкоскоростной интернет, и потому мы мечтаем получить собственную частоту, лицензии на вещание и связь для трансляции цифрового зфирного вещания ТБН и УЛЫБКА РЕБЕНКА. Мы ваши партнеры. Пусть Бог обильно благословит вас. Возможно вам задают вопросы о церквях. Мы готовы предоставлять информацию о всех религиозных группах церквях. С уважением и любовью, пастор церкви «Слово Истины» (объединение церквей «Краеугольный Камень») Михаил Долгих.

  6. Viktor says:

    Приветствуем вас дорогие друзья! Я хочу предложить вам сотрудничество, если вы хотите дайте мне знать и дайте мне ваш код. Благословений вам в вашем труде!

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